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What type of information should I provide to new hires during orientation?

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Content that is goal-oriented, delivered using an interactive method, and takes into consideration the learning needs of the adult learner is more likely to be understood and remembered. Don’t forget that adult learners need information that is practical. Avoid giving new employees a notebook stuffed full of items they may not have time to review. Instead, provide a quick-guide resource that helps them get acclimated to the culture and their surroundings. The resource might include:

  • A glossary of company terms
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • A directory of names and contact information
  • A map of the campus
  • A floor-by-floor description of department units

Because people want to know what is expected of them, be sure to include a copy of the current job description (Brown, n.d.). Also provide a copy of the employee newsletter (Truesdell, 1998). Use the intranet to post the nice-to-know and need-to-know information. This will allow employees easy access on an as-needed basis. The purpose behind these strategies is to reduce anxiety and provide new hires with the resources they need to enter their new department.

- Adrianne E. Avillion, DEd, RN, and Debbie Buchwach, BSN, RN-BC