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Do you have any recommendations on strategies for educating my staff about resource management without lecturing them?

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OR “Price is Right” is a fun way to get the team involved in understanding the cost of various products. Once the staff know the price, they become the champions for the department. An example of this occurred in the OR. The nurse practice team of the OR decided that the surgeons and OR specialist techs were pulling packs that were not needed or were an expensive option. During their staff meetings for the next six months, the NPC had 15 minutes of time to play the “Price is Right” using various OR products and packs. Even the OR Director would play, guessing the cost of items. The winner received a big round of applause, lots of laughter, and movie tickets. The OR Director found that this approach made learning fun, as each team member became somewhat of an “owner” of the unit budgets. The teams then worked collaboratively to get the surgeons up to date with their new data, assisting them to agree on when substitutions were good options. The OR is one of those very expensive supply departments and these changes supported its ability to continue to add new products for specialty surgeries without having a negative impact on the budget.

-Pamela Hunt, BS, MSN, RN, and Deborah Laughon, RN, BSN, MS, DBA, CCRN

(September 2012)