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What are some nurse-driven projects I can implement to improve patient satisfaction?

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The following are examples of nurse-driven quality improvement projects aimed at improving patient satisfaction to a large academic medical center:

  • A project to reduce patient and family anxiety and confusion through the use of prepared scripts for a multitude of frequent patient questions.
  • Increase patient satisfaction in an outpatient chemotherapy infusion unit by increasing patient throughput.
  • Increase patient satisfaction on an orthopedic floor through reduction of average length of stay through redesign of discharge process.
  • Increase patient satisfaction through reduction of noise on an oncology unit through the use of EBP on improving patient environments.
  • Reduce perineal skin ulceration resulting from incontinence-associated dermatitis through the use of EBP project on a standard skin protocol for ICU patients.
  • Increase patient satisfaction in regard to pain management at the unit and departmental levels through the creation of a cohort of trained pain management resource nurses to help bedside nurses manage their patients’ pain.

Cynthia Barnard, MBA, MSJS, CPHQ

(January 2011)