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My organization is going back and forth about including staff members (non-managers) in the interviewing process of new hires. Why is it important to include these staff?

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Managers should consider inviting staff members to participate in the interview process. When staff members are able to contribute, it increases morale, enhances teamwork, and increases support for the newly hired individuals. Because staff members know the work better than the managers, their feedback is very important. Managers should select staff members who have demonstrated clinical competence and possess excellent interpersonal skills.

Once staff have been selected for interviews, managers should meet with them to develop an interview tool. First, the group identifies the patient population served and services provided within their department. Then, the team determines the essential skills and traits needed to work in the department. Next, they identify situations that a new hire should expect to encounter during the course of a routine workday. Then, they determine scenarios that are not common and therefore require clinical expertise to manage. Finally, they work as a team with the manager's guidance to develop behavior-based questions that can assess the person-job fit.

Adrianne E. Avillion, DEd, RN

(July 2010)