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How can I identify nursing indicators during a peer review process?

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The peer review process creates an opportunity to select, classify, and then monitor individual nursing performance over time. The way this is done is by selecting performance-based indicators, classifying the indicator type, and then managing nurse performance when an outlier has been reached. But first, indicators have to be established. Selecting indicators based on nursing performance can be done by considering two key issues:

  1. Consider what types of indicator data may be required either by federal or state-based entities. These are the easiest to select because they are required indicators and you may already by collecting data sets.
  2. Identify what types of data can be collected on an individual nurse basis (i.e., some data sets may be nurse-relevant but you are not able to tag them to an individual.)

Organizations will often find that data is being captured in areas around the organization on an aggregate basis, either by unit or by specialty. But it is possible to capture data on an individual basis.

Laura Cook Harrington, RN, MHA, CPHQ, CHCQM

(May 2010)