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What are some easy-to-implement suggestions my nurses can follow to improve patient satisfaction?

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If you are looking for some simple, effective ways to help improve patient satisfaction scores at your organization there are low or not-cost strategies nurses can follow. There are many ways to meet patients' needs and improve their satisfaction that cost nothing to implement.

Share the following suggestions with your staff.

  • Hourly rounding. It may seem difficult, but it's actually easy. Nurses can do even hours and aides can do the odds. Leave a note or write on the white board if a patient is asleep.
  • Say good-bye. When you're leaving for the day/night, stop to say goodbye and let patients know who will be assuming their care.
  • Answer the call light in 30 seconds or less. Whoever is closest to the desk should answer the light, find out what is needed, and carry out the request. The key is to follow through.

—Jo-Ann C. Byrne, RN, BS, MHSA, director of education and organizational development, and Frances M. Moore, RNC, BSN, MSA, manager of the department of education and organizational development at St. Vincent's HealthCare in Jacksonville, FL

(September 2009)