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Do you have any advice to help travel nurses settle into their assignments at my facility?

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To find happiness and success in a travel nursing assignment, it is important that the nurse makes the effort to fit in with the new travel nurse setting, even if it is only temporary residence. However, there are some helpful hints you can pass on to travel nurses settling into a new nursing assignment at your facility.

Encourage them to:

  • Introduce themselves to their peers and hospital leaders
  • Request an orientation/buddy or shadow experience
  • Identify a mentor
  • Familiarize themselves with resources
  • Get to know the support staff: secretaries, housekeeping, respiratory therapy and pharmacy, to name a few
  • Immerse themselves
  • Get to know the written and unwritten practices
  • Ask questions instead of making assumptions
  • Figure out the chain of command for getting what they need and for communicating with other disciplines

—Kathleen Garrison, MSN, RN