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Do you know of any creative ways my nurses can ease medication administration to pediatric patients?

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Creative and safe ways of administering intravenous and oral medications to children are part of the art of being a pediatric nurse.

Experienced pediatric nurses—and parents—have perfected the art of oral medication administration. Crushing tablets and dissolving or disguising powdered medication in another solution is a trick that has stood the test of time. It is important, however, to be familiar with any compatibility challenges and to recognize any time-release features of the medication.

Oral solutions can often be disguised by slightly more appealing flavors. This is a great opportunity to give children some control by letting them choose the flavor from a list of options whenever possible.

Keep children safe around the equipment used for medication administration. Keep all medications safely locked and out of reach of children, and never leave medication sitting unattended. Infusion pump key pads should be locked so that curious hands don't find their way to it. Remember, kids love to push buttons!

Jill Duncan, RN, MS, MPH