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What approach should I take when evaluating the validity of research in evidence-based nursing?

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When examining Web pages and the content within these resources, conduct a systematic evaluation of the information's worth. A simple mnemonic that can be used to evaluate Web sites is, "Are you PLEASED with this site?" 

Purpose of the site—Determining whether the purpose is clearly explained and whether it fits the content on the site.

Links—Determine whether the links are current and whether they link to reputable sources.

Editorial—Determine whether the content is up to date and correct.

Author—Identify the author and his or her credentials for providing the presented information.

Site—When reviewing the site, evaluate its ease of use and how the content is presented.

Ethical—Consider whether contact information for the author is readily available and whether appropriate disclosures about the content are provided.

Dates—Ask when the information was posted and whether the Web site has been recently reviewed and updated (Nicoll & Beyea, 2000).

Nicoll, L.H., & Beyea, S.C. (2000). Working with staff around evidence-based practice: The next generation of research utilzation. Seminars in Preoperative Nursing, 9, 133-142.

—Suzanne C. Beyea, RN, PhD, FAAN