JustCoding’s Drug Administration Capture and Audit Tool

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JustCoding's Drug Administration Capture and Audit Tool provides multiple critical tools for nurses, providers, and drug administration staff. It includes an easy-to-follow pocket card reference that will help coding staff report the most accurate CPT codes per the drug administration hierarchy. The back of the pocket card includes a list of nursing interventions and procedures that are separately identifiable. Having this information immediately available will let coders and billers quickly determine when to count these interventions as separate procedures.

In addition to the pocket card, this resource includes an electronic downloadable component that will allow providers to set up an IV medical administration record (MAR) within an EMR. Staff will be able to quickly and efficiently pull medications from the discharge MAR with start and stop times, as well as the route of administration. This tool will allow billing or auditing staff to instantly generate reports when looking for justification for administering and charging a certain drug (e.g., chemotherapy). The download includes an Excel workbook that details a work plan for implementing the tool, along with sample logic, reports, and easy-to-understand instructions.

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