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How nurses can support breast cancer awareness

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Nurses play a crucial role in breast cancer awareness, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a great time to make your practice reflects current recommendations and the latest research. Early detection and awareness is an essential step in minimizing patient risk, so here are some tips on how you can help patients reduce their risk:

Familiarize women with self-exams: You should encourage patients to perform self-examinations regularly, so they can become familiar with what is normal for them and detect irregularities more quickly.

Use population metrics to recommend breast screenings: Acquaint yourself with the American Cancer Society’s average risk data, and incorporate it into your practice. Women with an average risk should receive annual mammograms at age 45, but risk can be increased based on first-degree relatives and race as well.

Support patient concerns: Encourage your patients to discuss their concerns about cancer risks, breast screenings, and other treatment options. Give you patient as much information as possible about effective prevention strategies and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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