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Study: Almost half of nurses are thinking about leaving the profession

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Earlier this year, RNnetwork conducted a survey of over 600 nurses in order to gain a better understanding of a nurse’s work life. They found some surprising results: almost half of the nurses surveyed were considering leaving the profession. Their main reasons for wanting to leave include:

  • Overworked: 27% of participants said that feeling overworked is the primary reason they hope to change professions. Half the nurses polled said their workload has increased over the last two years, but their pay hasn’t reflected that increase.
  • Workplace dissatisfaction: Many of the respondents cited a lack of enjoyment of their job as a contributing factor. 32% said they feel disrespected by their administration, 45% said they have been verbally harassed or bullied by other nurses, 41% said they have been verbally harassed or bullied by managers or administrators, and 38% said they have been verbally harassed or bullied by physicians. As a result, more than half of the participants that experienced harassment at work are considering a career change.
  • Poor work / life balance: The study found that 43% of respondents felt their workplace didn’t support a healthy work/life balance. The increased workload without compensation seems to be a key factor, as 45% of participants take extra jobs to augment their income.

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