Inside the program: Reaping the benefits of nursing research

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How many times have nurses wondered, "what if we did it this way?" or "I wonder what would happen if ...?" These questions are the impetus for nursing research. Nurses can take these questions and find out the answers for themselves. They can review current evidence-based practice (EBP), appraise the evidence critically, and decide whether and what type of research may be needed for the particular circumstance in question. It is this process of natural inquiry that is the basis of EBP and the beginning of the research process.

Nursing research plays an important role in the field of nursing. It promotes lifelong professional development of the discipline of nursing and supports the fact that nursing is a professional discipline. Nursing research improves clinical expertise and personal knowledge, helps to implement changes to provide excellence in nursing care, and helps to locate additional resources.

Source: Adapted from HCPro's book Nursing Research Program Builder: Strategies to Translate Findings into Practice. Check out our latest nursing resources here.