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How does communication factor into the success of my quality improvement plan?

Good managers know that quality does not happen by fiat or executive order but is the result of staff members' comprehensive understanding of what is expected of them, why it is appropriate to expect it, how they will be supported to deliver that performance, and how they will be evaluated according to defined criteria.

Communication is core to quality improvement in:

  • Defining the expectations of the organization for each employee's performance
  • Clearly linking those expectations to the mission
  • Outlining for employees how their individual and team performances are measured and evaluated, and keeping them informed of the results
  • Listening to employees' thoughts and ideas about potential improvement, born of direct experience in delivering care and service
  • Sharing with employees the progress and knowledge developed elsewhere in the organization, and outside it, which may help employees improve individual and team performance

-Cynthia Barnard

(May 2012)