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What are some of the benefits of curbing disruptive behavior that I can share with my nurses when implementing a program to address behavioral issues?

The investment in holding all staff accountable to the same standard of behavior pales in comparison to the return from that investment. Addressing conflict in the workplace yields multiple important cost-saving benefits, which are hard-wired firmly into the system for long run (Hickson):

  • Improved staff satisfaction and retention
  • Enhanced reputation for the medical center and its leaders
  • Creation of a culture of professionals who are important role models for students, residents, staff, and each other
  • Improved patient safety attributable to greater staff willingness to speak up when they observe patient care problems
  • Reduced liability exposure and risk management activity
  • Overall more productive, civil, and desirable work environments (Hickson)

-Kathleen Bartholomew, RN, MN