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Do you have any advice to help engage my multigenerational workforce in meetings?

All managers need to hold meetings with their staff, but the meeting topics, timing, and frequency will determine the interest of each generation. Keep the information brief, as everyone suffers from information overload. The manager should triage information so that nurses only have to read information that is truly relevant to their practice. An easy way to do this is to have a small notebook titled R-R-R. This stands for:

  • Read (the information is mandatory and all staff must read it)
  • Respond (after reading, staff should initial it, as proof they have read it)
  • Remove (information stays in the book for only two weeks, after which the manager removes it)

If you keep the information in the book brief and meaningful, no staff member, regardless of their generation, will have difficulty reading 10 or fewer pieces of paper over a two-week period. This practice will preclude the need for memos stuck around the unit with "Read!" written on them in red marker. Educate all staff so they know that the one place to find required reading is the R-R-R book.

Have another notebook in which to keep other information and include two or three sections with titles such as "FYI" (unit information and interesting articles). The book should be cleaned out monthly and replaced with fresh information.

This method of sharing information means that the staff meeting can now be devoted to a meaningful dialogue around real issues that face the staff, or for making decisions about the unit's processes.

—Judith "Ski" Lower, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNRN